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Professional Deep Cleaning

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Professional Deep Cleaning

Let our cleaning experts thoroughly refresh and sanitise your home in a single session with our one-off professional deep cleaning.

  1. You choose what needs cleaning and we’ll take care of all the work.
  2. The cleaners will follow a long cleaning checklist and pay attention to all neglected areas.

You can get a single deep cleaning visit without any further arrangements. Try out this one-time service for your desired day in case it meets your needs better than our regular cleaning.All our services are fully insured and guaranteed and charged at reasonable prices. We endeavour to be your best service provider when it comes to deep cleaning. Whatever we do, we do it with excellence as we pay attention even to the smallest details and we can assure you we will make your property to sparkle.

When One of Deep Cleaning is Needed?

One of deep cleaning is usually booked when:

  1. Preparing your place for a event or cleaning you place after a party.
  2. Planning a full seasonal / spring clean to refresh your premises.
  3. Expecting a newborn.

It is also perfect for holidays or family gatherings. Whatever the reason is, we will make sure that your guests are invited to a clean and shining home or we will clean perfectly after they leave.

By booking our one-off deep cleaning, you take advantage of a fully customisable cleaning service, you can specify the rooms of your property that need cleaning and what is of priority to you. We will gladly follow your requirements and professionally deep clean the property. Our services are done by professionals with years of experience, using high-end equipment and eco-friendly detergents.

To keep your home in the best possible condition we also recommend the service to be performed annually or biannually. Once your home has been deep cleaned, it will be much easier to maintain it clean afterwards.

How one off professional cleaning is different from a regular cleaning?

  1. The deep clean covers every home surface and is particularly suitable for places that haven’t been cleaned for a long time (such as behind your fridge, top of cabinets and cupboards).
  2. The specialists will take care of all the nooks and crannies of your home leaving you with a sparkling clean environment for you to enjoy.
  3. For instance, they will move and clean behind light furniture & appliances, clean the area under the bed.
  4. Regular domestic cleaning, on the other hand, is suitable for properties that have already been thoroughly cleaned and need an occasional dusting or wiping to keep them in top shape.

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