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Domestic Cleaning

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Domestic Cleaning

We are happy when your home is clean. Save time and allow us to do what we do the best. After our visit, your house will stay clean and smell fresh, your family members and pets will stay healthy.

We are different because we bring and use only eco-friendly certified green cleaning products. ECOS™ cleaning products are of high quality, plant-based, and non-toxic. Our clients love them for their divine smell, freshness and high cleaning quality.

Our regular cleaning service includes:

  1. Thorough cleaning of the rooms, a kitchen and bathrooms (Toilets / Shower / Tub / Sink).
  2. Dusting all tops, surfaces, window sills, picture frames, lamps, mirrors, skirting boards and etc.
  3. Vacuuming and washing floors in every room.
  4. Removing cobwebs.
  5. Polishing furniture.
  6. Emptying bins.
  7. Ironing (upon request).
  8. Changing the bed linen, and much more...

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