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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet play an important role in maintaining a healthy and presentable environment to your home or office. Carpets acts as filter, collecting and observing airborne pollutants such as allergen, pollen and dust mites, particularly in areas with heavy footfall. If these filters becomes saturated, the surplus pollutants and allergens may raise in the air, resulting in unhealthy indoor environment for you, your family and visitors. In addition a built up of bacteria, soil and grit is major cause of carpet wear and tear. No matter the type of fabric, we have the needed expertise and industry standard equipment.

A Schedule care and maintenance program of regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning will ensure your carpet remain functional and aesthetically pleasing for longer. Prestine Professionals are available 7 days a week including bank holidays at no extra cost. We use 2 expert methods, depending on the type of fabric:

  1. Hot water extraction – appropriate for 85% of the carpets made out of synthetic fabrics.
  2. Dry cleaning – suitable for hand-made oriental rugs, delicate and organic materials such as silk, velvet and leather, that can’t be treated with water.

How we clean your Carpets & Upholstery: Step by Step

Let us bring back the shine of your carpets, rugs and upholstery. Having a flexible schedule local teams can visit you at a time and place that suits you. Here’s an overview of the service:

  1. A technician arrives at the address fully geared-up.
  2. He determines the type of fibres to be cleaned.
  3. Depending on the result, he chooses the most appropriate technique to deliver best results.
  4. Before the actual procedure, the piece is hoovered to remove solid dirt particles.
  5. All visible stains and high traffic areas are pre-treated by hand with special detergents.
  6. The fabric is cleaned with hot water extraction or dry cleaning.
  7. In the end, your carpet is free of stains and deodorised.
  8. An air mover is used to reduce the drying time after a carpet cleaning with hot water extraction.

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